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What We Do

CurleyStreet Media is a Bangalore based film production company and creative agency specializing in the creation of Films for change, Documentaries, Advertisements, Corporate Films, Web Videos, Sales and Marketing Videos, Visual Customer Testimonials, Motion Graphics and 3D animation.

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Why Us?

At CurleyStreet, we like to dazzle. We believe in making every film exceptional. We eschew the mundane. We like to leave our audience with a persistent impression of images that are hard to ignore. Our fanatic regard for detail and creating the right aesthetic allows us to bring out the magic in every frame!

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  • "Film maker Pavitra Chalam from Bangalore has been awarded the Ability Media Film and Video International Award by Leonard Cheshire Disability for her film Khushboo. Awarded in London on November 21, Pavitra is the first Indian to receive an award at the Ability Media International (AMI)" - Times News Network